Five Year Plan

Goal 1:  Demonstrate Library Value through Outreach

  • During fiscal 2020 evaluate potential outreach programming
    • Collaborate with I-35 Schools to provide story time twice a month
    • Investigate and implement if feasible outreach to daycares
    • Investigate outreach to assisted living facility
  • During fiscal 2020 library director will increase marketing outreach
    • Provide timely information on the library website and social media accounts
    • Market upcoming programs within the library, in and around the town of Truro and online.

Goal 2:  Provide programming to all patrons as community needs change

  • During fiscal 2020 evaluate current library programs
    • Survey patrons to find out what they want to see in the library for programming
    • Analyze circulation to identify trends
    • Identify needs of the community through discussions and meetings
    • Assess programs as they are introduced by surveying the participants who attend these programs
  • Attendance in programs will increase by 3% each year for the next 5 years
    • Provide access to a wide reange of materials for all ages to help foster their lifelong learning
    • Provide opportunities for all ages to participate in programs that fit their needs

Goal 3:  Provide an updated facility for all ages

  • During fiscal 2020 and 2021 evaluate library building inside and out for potential updates
    • Analyze options for remedying space and structure issues in the library.
    • Improve the interior of the building by updating the paint and fixtures within the building
    • Work towards making the library as comfortable and usable as possible
    • Create separate areas for children, young adults and adult patrons

Goal :  Provide the patrons of Truro Library with internet access

  • The number of internet users will increas by 10% each year
    • Provide wireless internet access
    • Provide high-speed computer access to the internet
    • Add a counter to record the number of wireless connections
    • Update the Library's website at least twice a month