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Library Policies

The Truro Public Library has very simple rules.  We run efficiently and on schedule.  We offer many different resources, from a meeting room, a resource room, books, and movies (VHS and DVD).  We also have public computers complete with printers, scanner, high speed internet, and a fax machine.  The following rules apply to each and everyone of the library customers.

-All library customers must have a library card to check out books, movies, or to use the public access computers.

-Late fees are applied of one cent per book for everyday late. 

-Library card must be present when wanting to use a public comptuter.

-Thirty minutes are allowed per user of the computers unless no one else wishes to use the computer.

-We charge ten cents per page of printing unless you print pictures, then it is fifty cents for half a page of pictures, and one dollar for a full page of pictures. 

These are a few rules placed to help us keep the library running smoothly.  If you have any problems or questions please feel free to contact our current librarian.