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Library History

Read how this library was established and how it has evolved to become such an important part of our community.

Highlights of Truro Public Library

1930--Started under leadership of Bradie Phillips and support of WRC.  400 books were donated. The first paid librarian was Mayme Patty. New books were put on a rental shelf and loaned out for 10 cents a book until they were paid for, then a new book was purchased.

1932--The bank closed and we were poor again, More volunteer time!

1933--The City Council levied a tax.

1936--Ohio Township levied a tax. Nola Atkinson served as librarian for 5 years. Working 4 hours  on Saturday for 15 cents an hour.

1966--We moved to the present location on Main Street. Boy Scouts helped much with the move.

1975--We joined the County Program of the Central Regional System. It was tax supported.

1978--We expanded into the East Room with reference books and non-fiction reading.

1988--Our librarian, Opal Rankin, suffered a fatal heart attack, having served from 1936 to 1988.

1988 --Doris Johnson became librarian serving until retirement in September 2003.  Betty Green then became librarian.

1998--We joined the COMPUTER AGE!

2003--Received 2 flat-screen computers from Gates Foundation. These are for public use.

2005--The library laid down new carpet, and a new layout of books.

2006--We added another new computer for public use. 

2007--Installed central air conditioner.